A Successful Pairing

We are pleased to announce that we have paired Casper, a 2-year-old Chihuahua/mix, with his new best friend. Frank is a disabled veteran. Frank has been waiting for a service dog for a long time. He was always told he would be on a 5-7 year waiting list… not good at all. The meeting today was a thing of beauty. Frank was sitting on the ground, and Casper ran right up to him, jumped on his lap, and gave him LOTS of kisses. Look at the smiles on their faces.

After providing the necessary documentation to Frank’s apartment manager, Casper is on his way to his new home. After a short time for bonding and getting settled in, we will be working with them to finalize Casper’s training.

We’d like to thank San Jacinto County Rescue for donating Casper to Angels with Paws. Welcome, Casper; you are now officially one of God’s special Angels.

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