We are not currently taking applications

However, you may add your name to our waiting list, and once we begin taking applications, we will contact you.

Things You Need to Know Before You Apply

What it costs:

Angels with Paws Foundation provides the Angels and lifetime follow up of the Angel free of charge.

Applicants are responsible for:
  • A non-refundable $50 application fee. This is to cover the cost of a background check, and other related expenses.

  • Responding to Angels with Paws via email, phone, and/or text.
Clients are responsible for:
  • Travel costs to attend your Team Training (5 days) at our Training Center in Woodville, Texas. This is mandatory before taking possession of your Angel. We have an on-site cottage where you will stay during this time. You will be required to provide your own meals. However, there is a kitchenette in the cottage where you can prepare your meals.

  • The cost of care and maintenance of the Angel once received. You will be responsible for all medical costs, feeding a premium food, and keeping Heartworm medication current.

  • Maintaining an active email account and mobile phone with texting capability. These are our main communication tools with applicants, clients and graduates.

Application Time:

As soon as you complete your application, you will be scheduled for an Applicant Interview. Depending on the distance you are from our Training Center, this can be done in person or via Zoom Video Conferencing. At this time we will access your needs.

Wait Time For An Angel

The wait time to receive your Angel depends on matching one that suits your needs and living environment.  We attempt to match clients with an Angel for no longer than a year after they are accepted. Some we are able to match sooner.