Bailey: The Original Angel

In 2013, my husband suffered life-altering injuries. He was a truck driver, and one day while unloading his tanker trailer, he fell 11.5 feet, head first.

He went through months of recovery, different procedures, physical therapy, and prescription drugs with horrible side effects. Needless to say, his entire world was shaken to the core. The day he received the letter from the State of Texas that he no longer had a CDL because he could not pass his physical examination, was truly a dark day for him.

That was when Bailey came into our lives.  We had lost Bob’s dog, Chili, a few months before. He had been a truck dog for years with Bob, but after being Bob’s trucking buddy for over 15 years, he took that final journey over the Rainbow Bridge.

I had found Bailey listed on one of those internet sites, and saw something special in his chocolate brown eyes.

That first day when Bailey joined our family, I remember telling him that Bob was his new Daddy, and it was his job to watch over him. Well, I’m proud to say that Bailey did just that. If Bob was having one of his ‘dark days’ as I called them, Bailey would jump into action. He would get in the middle of the floor in front of Bob’s recliner, and start chasing his tail. He would go round and round, and then stop and look up at Bob. If Bob didn’t acknowledge it, Bailey would do it again until Bob let him know that he saw him.

At nearly 10-years-old, Bailey still watches over Bob. He’s never had formal training, but he will always be the original Angel for Angels with Paws until the day he takes his journey over the Rainbow Bridge.