Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in the person needing the dog to work with the dog and its training. It is important that the dog bond with you, not a trainer. We will be by your side the entire process.

We offer two services. There is no training fee for disabled veterans. Non-military individuals will pay a $25 per training hour. For non-military, if we provide the Angel, there is no cost if the dog was donated to us. If we must travel to get or deliver an angel, there is a travel fee if beyond a 100 miles of our headquarters in Woodville, Texas

The application process  depends on any required documentation. To get your Angel certified as a Service, we will need a letter from your doctor saying you would benefit by having a service dog. We can discuss that once you apply.

With so much interest in our program, we have started a waiting list. Your name will be added once we have approved your application.  It also depends on if you already have a dog or if we need to find you the perfect Angel for your needs. Once we receive all necessary documentation, we will begin working with those on our waiting list. 

We get our Angels from shelters and rescue organizations.  We carefully screen each potential Angel for  the temperament suited for this kind of work. Most breeds are fine to train. If you already have a dog, we'll gladly work with you and your dog.

Normally 1 to 2 years old. Sometimes they can be younger if that Angel has the desire to learn and please.

Other pets are not a problem. We will assist in developing the perfect plan for you to introduce your new companion to other pets and family members. 

The Americans With Disabilities Act and Service Dogs

Find out your state’s law on assistance dogs in this pdf publication. It includes laws of other countries, too.

Researched and published by Assistance Dogs International.

Texas laws on Service Dogs
Learn about your rights of access to public places with your Hearing or Service Dog

Air Carrier Access Act and Service Dogs

Learn about flying with Service Dogs

Download a chart of the different airlines’ policies and links here:

Microsoft Excel

Adobe PDF

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