Welcome to the Angels with Paws Foundation Meet our Team page

Linda Barton is the Founder and President of Angels with Paws. Her job is to see that the Angels with Paws Foundation has everything it needs to function. She has gathered a great team, and looks forward to finding more talented people to join the Angels with Paws team. Linda’s most important role is to help find the perfect Angels, and to spoil them rotten until they begin their training.

You can contact Linda at:

phone: (409) 429-8362

email: linda@angelswithpaws.org

Bob Barton is the Vice President of Angels with Paws.  His job is to make sure that Linda stays on track, and help spoil the new angels before they begin their training. Bob will have his hands full, but he’s up for the job.

You can contact Bob at his email, but there is not promise how soon he’ll get back to you. He’s not a techy guy at all.


Desiree Barton is our Corporate Secretary and Social Media Specialist. Desiree’s duties consist of keeping everyone organized and in line as far as paperwork. She is also responsible for building and managing our Social Media presence.

You can contact Desiree at:

phone: (409) 926-8415

email: desiree@angelswithpaws.org

Photo to be added soon.

Rachel Hadnot is our Community Outreach Director. Rachel’s duties consist of building Angels with Paws public image, fundraising, and educating the public of our mission. Rachel is also in charge of the screening process for those in need of one of our Angels

You can contact Rachel at:

phone: (409) 200-5622

email: rachel@angelswithpaws.org

Photo to be added soon.

Micah Hadnot is our Caine Specialist and Head Trainer. He is the final say when it comes to choosing the perfect dog to become one of our Angels, and seeing them through their entire training course. Micah will also work with the client when they come for their 5-day Team Training before taking possession of their Angel.

You can reach Micah at:

phone: (409) 200-1258

email: micah@angelswithpaws.org

Micah and Rachel Hadnot also own Country Canine Coaching & Care where they specialize in canine obedience, scent work training, breed specific exercise programs and elite boarding services.

You can also follow them on their Facebook Page.