Our Mission

Our mission here at Angels with Paws is to pair a Veteran with an exceptional dog to help with his/her needs. The veteran and dog will go through training together, so each will become bonded and comfortable. However, if you already have a dog that you’re bonded with, we can help with training that will fit your needs.

A Service Dog doesn’t need to be a Pedigree or a purebred. Breed doesn’t matter. You just need to find a dog with the perfect temperament and willingness to please. 

Far too many dogs end up on the streets with no home or family to love.  For those loving souls, they often live in a shelter, hoping for the day that someone will adopt them, and give their life purpose.

These second chance dogs can be some of the most loving and loyal dogs you’ll ever meet.  They just need a chance to prove they have what it takes to make a difference in the life of their new friend.

We here at Angels with Paws are always looking for a veteran in need and that special dog, or Angels as we call them, who will make a perfect pairing and together live a fulfilling life.