Our Sweet Rescues: Sassy, Sadie, Jake, Max, Bucky, and Smokey

As you can see our home is full of love. As our family grew, our rescues came to us in different ways. 

First, there was Sadie and Sassy. Sadie is our smaller sable colored girl, and Sassy is our white with brown dots girl. They were dumped on a country road during Hurricane Harvey. I was looking for another dog, after the death of my sweet Teddy Bear (Great Dane/Black Lab mix) when I came across the girls on a rescue website. I was only going to get Sadie, but when I saw Sassy, I didn’t have the heart to separate them. So, at that point we had 3 dogs Bailey, Sadie, and Sassy.

Then my daughter-in-law called me and said an elderly woman had three cats, two boys and one girl, that needed a home because she could no longer care for them. She said if she couldn’t find a home for them, they would be sent to the Beaumont shelter. My daughter-in-law took one of the boys. So, of course, I took the other two. Bucky, the male, is the big boy with Siamese markings, and his sister, Smokey, is my delicate little girl.

Lastly, Jake and Max joined our family. I was parked in the Dollar General parking lot in Kountze, Texas, when a car stopped and dumped out a bunch of puppies on the road that runs behind the store. After that car drove off, another car stopped and a woman with her son got out and started rounding up the puppies.

That was the day I came home with Jake and Max. Jake is the Boxer mix, and Max is the Rottweiler mix.

So, as you can see, our home is full of adorable four-legged babies. Unfortunately, life sometime takes us a different route. I need to rehome Jake, Sadie and Sassy. I fell and broke my left femur above the knee, so my hubby has said I need to downsize my babies. Jake is a 2 year-old-Boxer, who is a lovebug, but is an eternal kiddo. All of them have had obedience training, but Jake needs to be out of the pack. Jake is your typical Boxer and needs to be with someone who understands a Boxer and their crazy ways. He would be great as a family dog with children, or a guy who want a buddy.

Sadie and Sassy as the two smaller girls. Sadie is laidback, and just wants to give and get love. She’s be perfect for an elderly lady, or single woman. Sassy is a silly little girl. She would do great to stay with Sadie, as they were rescued together. They’ve also had obedience training,

I’m not sure if I’m going to rehome Max, the Rottweiler-mix. He is the most laidback out of our rescues, so I may convince my hubby to keep him.

If you are interested in giving one of our rescues a home, please call me at (409) 429-8362.