Do you have a dog that you would like to train for your personal service or comfort dog? Or maybe you just want to train your dog basic obedience? Then Certified Intensive Service Dog Training can help you reach that goal with their selection of training videos. Once your dog has completed the necessary training, you can apply for a Canine Good Citizen Certificate. What is CGC?

Using their intensive training videos, you can teach your dog basic obedience to master skills like sit, down, stay, not jump up on people, and walk properly on a leash. You’ll be confident that your dog can handle itself with grace in a crowd and be a welcomed client at the vet or groomer. This training must be done before any extended training.

If you want your dog trained as a comfort or service dog, then you’ll find the needed training videos on their website. 

Angels with Paws highly recommends this partner.

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