Angels with Paws Requirements:

These requirements are made should Angels with Paws provide you with a dog for training
  • The handler must be financially able to take full responsibility for a dog, including, but not limited to routine veterinary care, keeping all shots and Heartworm medication current, food and living arrangements inside the home with the handler. The handler must also be financially prepared to provide any emergency veterinary care needed by the dog.
  • Many veterinarians will  offer a discount for Service Dogs trained in qualified programs. If the handler is unable to meet some of the physical and mental requirements of a dog on a daily basis, there must be someone else in the home designated to feed and exercise the dog or address other responsibilities related to having a dog in the home.
  • All disabled handlers must currently be under the care of a physician or licensed therapist.
  • The handler must be physically and cognitively capable of participating in the training process, up to one hour a day. The handler must be able to independently handle his or her Service Dog.